Many dogs and cats will need surgery at least once in their lifetime. As caring pet owners, we want our canine and feline companions to receive the best veterinary surgical care possible in a safe, comfortable environment. The Maxvet Animal Veterinary Clinic understands these concerns. Our facility features a state-of-the-art modern surgical suite. Our doctors perform all types of surgical procedures with top-of-the-line anesthetic monitoring equipment to ensure our patient’s safety and comfort are of the utmost importance.


Any surgical treatment that heals broken bones, vertebrae, muscles, joints, or torn ligaments is referred to as veterinary orthopedic surgery. The goal of any orthopedic surgical treatment is to realign fractured bones and then pin or hold them in place securely to prevent additional movement, so that healing may take place and be done correctly.

Orthopedic surgery is the most efficient technique to repair and manage a fractured bone or other orthopedic condition or injury in a dog or cat. Orthopedic surgery is the only option for an injured dog or cat to restore movement and function in most situations. In general, orthopedic surgery employs surgical methods to restore injured or dysfunctional limbs, joints, ligaments, and tendons to a normal or near-normal state when operable. 

  Soft Tissue Surgery 

Soft tissue surgery covers a wide range of operations that involve internal organs, the body wall, masses or tumors, and hernias or abnormalities. In other words, these treatments cover anything that isn’t connected to bones, joints, muscles, or the nervous system. We conduct all sorts of soft tissue operations, from minimally invasive treatments to simple mass removals to sophisticated surgical reconstructions. Our various specialized services, like radiography, clinical pathology, internal medicine, and anesthesia, are involved from the beginning to guarantee the best possible outcome for your pet. 


Most canine and feline orthopedic surgery patients may require a significant healing period following surgery, as well as therapeutic exercise treatment. Following minimally invasive treatments, a minimum of two weeks of activity restriction is often necessary, with certain major orthopedic surgical operations requiring up to six weeks of restriction. Following the initial phase of exercise restriction, restricted activity might be adopted for four to six months. Your veterinary orthopedic surgeon and one of our physical rehabilitation practitioners will create an aftercare plan tailored to your pet’s specific requirements.

If our veterinarians are worried about your pet’s well-being shortly following surgery, he or she may decide to keep your pet in the hospital for a few days. This is typical, especially if the surgery is lengthy, to ensure that they are comfortable and recovered from their anesthetic throughout the early post-operative time. There are a few things you should expect if you pick up your dog or cat within a few hours after surgery.

Your dog or cat will require plenty of rest. They will most likely be drowsy and perplexed for the first 12 to 24 hours after surgery. This is a common anesthetic side effect that should subside within around 24 hours. Following this, you must ensure that your pet continues to have adequate rest to recuperate correctly.

To assist your pet’s healing, make sure they are not overly active. It may be beneficial to restrict them to a small room or enclosure in your house to keep them from running around, which can impede recovery and potentially cause infection. You may make your pet more comfortable by adding blankets or bedding to the room or kennel.

Physical rehabilitation treatment may be required for your cat or dog, especially if they have had orthopedic surgery. Our on-site physical therapy clinic is an excellent key to making your pet comfortable and active again after surgery. Water treadmill, acupuncture, laser therapy, and massage are just a few of the therapies MAXVET may implement to help your pet restore mobility, avoid future injuries, and give pain relief. Physical therapy is also useful for training dogs and cats athletes.

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