Playtime Ideas For Your Bunny Bun!

Rabbits are adorable and cuddly creatures who also want to play with you! Some people believe rabbits are boring because you never play with them as you would with a dog. Rabbits are picky, preferring to play with individuals who look after them and provide them with food or water. It is difficult for you to choose an interactive toy for your bunny.

You can connect with your pet by using various quirky toys or DIY toy building ideas to keep your pet busy and happy. Here are some tips and ideas to keep your lazy rabbit active.


Maintaining a play schedule for your companion pet is vital for interacting with them and strengthening your bond. Because if you don’t engage in interactive play with your rabbit, it will become lazy. Make sure you organize a time to play with them.


You’ll want to make sure your rabbit is having a good time during gameplay and isn’t scared of the games you’re playing. To ensure that the game you choose is suited for your rabbit’s personality, look for indicators of a happy, eager, or interested bunny. If your rabbit shows signs of fear or hostility, you should stop what you’re doing and find another game to play.


Rabbits are fond of treats like fruits and fresh vegetables. They love treats so much that they’ll try to take them from you. When you’re eating an apple, hold it down in such a way that your rabbit can get a bite out of it. Give them an activity to do when your rabbit performs and adequately share a quick treat with them.


Untreated straw, wicker, sea-grass mats and baskets, balls, and plastic flower pots are examples of mutable or throwable objects. Stable plastic baby toys, such as ‘key rings,’ rattles, and stacking cups, as well as some sturdy cat and parrot toys, can be used as rabbit toys.


The morning and evening hours are when rabbits are most active and ready to play. If your rabbit knows that it’s time to play at 5 p.m. every day, they’ll get excited and lively at that time. The more you connect with your rabbit and play with them, the more they will trust you and be willing to play with you.

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