Pet X-Ray IN East of Kailash

Whether your pet is sick or injured or is just simply going through a regular checkup, sometimes your veterinarian needs to have a “closer look”?

Now, for those who do not know what medical imaging is, it is a diagnostic tool that allows veterinarians to take pictures of the inside of your pet and allows the vet to diagnose ailments. A major benefit: NON INVASIVE meaning no incision is made when studying your pet’s insides.

MaxVets in East of Kailash offers various types of medical diagnostic tools one of which is X-ray.

Usually, recommended in cases where the problem goes undetected in basic physical exam or blood test. X-rays or radiographs are the most commonly used form of imaging and involves exposing your pet to a beam of X-rays and taking a picture of their distribution as they pass through the pet’s body.

X-rays are particularly useful in cases related to fractures, arthritis, and pneumonia. However, since not all diseases and conditions are apparent and diagnosable with surety through this method, many times your vet at MaxVets will prescribe for various tests along with X-rays in combination to diagnose more accurately.

Many times our vets are inquired regarding the radiation exposure caused due to X-rays, but as we always tell our clients, the amount of radiation to which your pet is exposed during X-rays is minimal and harmless!

And if you see X-ray operators wearing protective gear, it is because they are required to stay exposed to this radiation all day and hence, only use the gear as precaution or for extremely rare cases of accidental exposure.

Now, since your pets are your beloved, you may feel uncomfortable while going to our veterinary radiologist. But do not worry, you are free to get to know your radiologist at MaxVets. Medical images are pretty complex and you are always free to ask our radiologist to help you to interpret the results accurately.

Our radiologists, at MaxVets, are licenced veterinarians with complete training in diagnostic imaging interpretation and have passed comprehensive certification exams to get where they are.

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