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Whether you are having your first pet or having pets for a long time, deep down, you know you have made mistakes after suggestions from pet grooming services on how to groom your pet. It is common for pet parents to avoid, but we always give away the best for the pets out in the world.

Before we down to the bottom of the mistakes, let’s know what grooming means for pet parents and grooming services. It starts with brushing and cutting the fur, clipping nails, anal expression, cleaning ears, drying and styling the hair, sanitizing combs and shears, and guiding pet owners about proper hygiene for their pets.

Apart from this, grooming services also provide bath, de-skunking, flea relief, teeth-brushing, de-matting, and undercoat removal. Other services are specific standards for some breeds such as fat cutting for Labradors.

Moreover, choosing one depends on yours and your pets’ needs. Without a doubt, the perfect groomer knows what your pet wants and needs from time to time on regular visits.

Your dog and cat are looking at you if they are ill or unable to process their daily routine. Indeed, finding a passionate groomer is a lot to search for, but everything worth in the end for your pet.

As for cats, if your cat is not using the litter box, then it is because she might have a urinary tract infection, a litter box is not cleaned, or she’s in pain after declawing. Nowadays, people are avoiding the declawing process, and it’s a good sign for a healthy relationship.

Well, the common mistakes pet parents make are:

Not Grooming Consistently

Pet grooming services want you to know that grooming for cats and dogs are different. Cats do not need regular grooming, but your dog needs grooming as close to twice in a week. Regular grooming will ease your pets’ anxiety that they will expect the session as a routine.

Not Brushing with Right Equipment and at Time

We understand that finding the right brush and doing the brushing on time is not the strong ground for pet parents and new ones often get to make this mistake. You may have a German shepherd and brushing him with soft bristles will irritate him more. So there are different equipment for every pet available with grooming services.

Wrong Grooming Clippers

There are as close as fifty types of grooming clippers in the market selling hot and choosing the right one is where grooming services help you. Pets’ fur is delicate and different. For example, a dog has thick nails, but it hurts him when you try clipping. It means you need a soft working clipper and effective one as per the breed.

Unsuitable Water Rinsing

Cats are out of the question here because whatever you do, they do not like water. Dogs, on the other hand, are good with water. However, when you are rinsing them after shampooing or tick medicine coating, make sure water is at moderate temperature. Too cold and hot, may irritate dogs’ skin.

In conclusion, these mistakes should be avoided by pet parents, either new or old. You can try pet grooming services of Maxvets for any pet you may have. Calls us or visit us, we will treat your pet for years to enjoy grooming.

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