Pet Diagnostic Lab in South Delhi

At MaxVets, we use a variety of diagnostic techniques and procedures to treat sick pets. These techniques are employed in combination with our in-house veterinary laboratory and diagnostic skills. Typically available on the same day or drop off appointments allowing rapid diagnosis and hence, rapid treatment.

While reading about diagnostics lab, some questions must always arise in your mind- which of these are better than the others and why? Will my pet feel uncomfortable? Will there be anesthesia involved? How accurate are these? And so on…

Well to begin with let’s answer one of these: why are digital X-rays and ultrasound so widely preferred and regularly prescribed?


  • Digital imaging is considered ideal for diagnosis of conditions related to bone fractures, tumors, cancer, orthopaedic, gastrointestinal, heart, lung, and reproductive diseases.

  • Digital X-rays provide clearer images over film X-rays. The images produced can be enlarged and manipulated, providing detailed information. Hence, our veterinary team can view the images in ways that are not possible with film X-ray. Greater the amount and detail of the information, the faster and more accurate is the diagnosis, thus, helping to provide treatment and relief sooner to the pet.

  • Moreover, these are quicker, which means less time on the table and stress for your pet. The ease of sharing them by emails and electronically in case second opinions or referrals are required.

  • In case of ultrasounds, they allow us to look inside the abdomen or chest of an animal. Ultrasound scans project visual images of the body’s “real-time” operation. We can view blood flow, heartbeats, and gastrointestinal movement.  They allow us to look within organs to evaluate size, shape, texture, and evaluate for abnormalities.

  • Ultrasound can be used to examine the liver, gall bladder, spleen, kidneys, bladder, prostate, adrenal glands, stomach, intestines, and, in some instances, the uterus and ovaries. This means it can help us to pinpoint the cause of common pet health issues such as vomiting, elevated kidney or liver values on blood tests, abnormal urination, unexplained weight loss, and much more.

  • Ultrasounds are also highly valuable in emergency evaluations, looking for fluid, bleeding, or damage.


Here, at MaxVets, we perform ultrasound guided diagnostic procedures and biopsies, some of which are not common in the South Delhi region. We work hard continuously to improve client’s access to specialized, leading-edge surgical services.

But, of course, having the latest ultrasound equipment and technology is not enough, it’s equally important to have the skills to interpret the results. And so our vets and paramedical staff strive to provide the highest quality of surgical care and achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.

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