Nutrition for Dogs

Nutrition for Dogs

In the present era family needs continue to demand an ever changing and socially acceptable lifestyle. Economic prosperity and busy work environment leave little time for family members to interact with each other. Easy access to computers and internet along with smart-phones that keep one constantly involved have changed the way of learning. Teens today can be confused, overconfident and probably a frustrating lot.

A true, all time companion decidedly is a pet dog that brings positive vibes to any family and household.

One of the first questions that new pet owners ask is about managing the pup’s needs of food. What food to give? How much quantity to give? A growing pup’s nutritional requirements are much more than that of an adult dog. Similarly, the needs of an active dog would be more than that of a pet with a sedentary lifestyle. An in-whelp mother has different requirements when she begins nursing her babies. A dog having pathological condition such as a liver, kidney or intestinal tract related imbalance, will need to be fed on a special nutritional plan.

The following are the types of commercially available foods for dogs:

  1. Soft-moist dog food with or without preservatives
  2. Home cooked fresh food
  3. Canned dog food
  4. Dry dog food
  5. Frozen dog food

Constituents of all food types include Protein, Soluble Carbohydrates (NFE), Fats, ash and moisture. Adequate vitamins and minerals are added.

Soft moist dog foods are like pasteurised packaged milk and have the shelf life of approximately one year. Internationally this variety of food is becoming popular for the convenience of handling, transporting and storage at room temperature. Also, changing temperatures have no adverse effect on the food’s quality which is suitable to our Indian climate. A freshly weaned pup and senior aged dogs show a consistent liking for soft moist food. Dogs of all ages relish dental health snacks with added zeal to do away with their moments of burden. Food that has enough moisture content is digestive tract friendly though the need of drinking water is individualised in pets. Pets that drink less water by choice have properly formed and trouble free faecal output.

We at Max Vets wish your pet pooch a healthy lifestyle with mouth-watering and nutritionally balanced soft-moist dog food for a happy and healthy life.

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