How to Choose The Right Breed of Pet For Your Family

They say there’s a pet for every family — So which one is the right one for yours?
When you want to introduce a pet for your family. Unquestionably there is a wide variety of animals to choose from. The first decision you need to take is what sort of pet would be right for your household. Will it be a cat, dog, fish, rabbit, bird or something more exotic like Guinea Pigs or a ferret?

But we are going to centre our suggestions to dogs and cats since they are the most popular nes and also because we have been consulted about them a lot at Maxvets. Still, many of our suggestions can be naturally applied to most animals you might be considering to adopt as a pet.

Factors to contemplate when choosing a pet:


The first decision you need to make is what breed of cat or dog do you want? Different breeds of dogs and cats have varying shapes and sizes with varying energy levels, aggression, grooming needs and personalities. You need to contemplate all of these points when deciding on the type of pet and if you want a purebred pet from a breeder or a breed specific rescue, or whether you want to rescue a pet from a shelter.



Once you have decided about the dog or cat and the breed, the next thing to consider is whether you want a puppy or an adult ? There are pros and cons to each, puppies are great fun, but they need a lot of care and attention. Adults are usually make great companions, but they might have existing behavioural or medical issues. Be sure and weigh all the options before you proceed.

Family Needs

It’s crucial for all of your family members to be on board with the decision to get a pet. As all family members will be interacting with the pet, so it’s important they all know the new rules you want to instill. It will not help if dad is feeding the pup from the table when mom is trying to teach them not to beg! It is also essential to discuss responsibilities, who feeds the newcomer, who walks them, etc.

You will also need to review any family health issues or allergies and plan accordingly.



You should also research the cost involved in pet ownership. It’s one thing many people don’t factor into their decision. Pets require regular veterinary care, at least annual check-ups. And if they develop any medical issues, that may also be expensive. You can mitigate that expense with pet insurance which works the same as human insurance or you can come to us at Maxvets as we have affordable packages for your pet. The financial calculations are particularly important if you are adopting a senior pet. There are also grooming costs to evaluate. A long-haired breed like St Bernard may require timely grooming and even regular trips to the groomer for a trim.


Exercise requirements

Dogs and cats need exercise to keep them in good health and spirits. Pet obesity is a growing concern as many pet owners don’t realize they are overfeeding or giving the incorrect diet to their pet. This contributes to health issues and to tackle this regular exercises are needed. Some pets require 2-3 hours of sustained exercise a day while others just need a good walk. It’s necessary that you know your pet’s needs before you fall in love with a breed which isn’t compatible with your busy lifestyle.

All these factors should be weighed in before you choose a pet. We recommend you to do more research before you finalize your decision. You can also come and visit us or go to our Facebook page and we will help you in your selection.


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