CT Scans for Pets: Everything You Need to Know

If you have had a trauma or illness related to the internal organs, you must be aware about CT Scans (Computed Tomography) , or CAT scans. These scans are an important tool in modern human medicine in reaching accurate diagnoses. Veterinary CT scans for  Pets are similar and have the same advantages. They allow for a more detailed look into the health of tissues and organs.



Computed Tomography scanning in pets provides a three-dimensional image of the internal body. This ability to see inside the body presents with greater success rate in detecting and treating problems affecting our animal companions. Our team at Maxvets Super speciality Animal Hospital in East of Kailash  is here to help you understand  why this powerful technology can help us diagnose and treat a slew of health conditions that impact our animal friends.

We recommend a CT scan, once a thorough examination by our Veterinary team and other tests are inconclusive.

Computerized tomography, or CT, is a process of taking X-rays from different angles. It obtains and displays a cross-section of the area of the body being scanned. Unlike the two-dimensional picture an X-ray captures, CT scans allow your veterinarian to see the complete bodily structure In 3D. Just like the picture below.


When your pet requires a CT scan, they will need to be sedated them using anesthesia. It is administered by a trained technician and overseen by a veterinarian. The sedation is to help your pet remain calm and still throughout the procedure, as any slight movement will corrupt the quality of the images. At Maxvets, CT scans are overseen by our board-certified veterinary radiologists, and Dr. Sudhir Singh.

Your pets are moved inside the scanner once they are calm and relaxed under sedation. It looks as in the picture. We have a multi-slice GE  Computer tomography machine.  Sometimes a contrast dye may be used intravenously to accentuate soft tissues and blood vessels.

The process begins with the X-rays inside the scanner starts spinning and capturing the images used to build an internal picture.  These X-ray images are sent to the computer and after complex image processing inside it are displayed on the monitor. The resulting image resembles as actual organ. This process is mostly in real time.

Some frequently asked questions:

Are CT scans harmful for your Pet?

CT imaging is safe and does not harm the body. Pre-scan lab work is conducted to ensure your pet is healthy enough for tranquilization. Your pets are cared for and are examined pre-scan and observed after the scan for few hours.

Why Are CT Scans Needed?

When a problem is suspected with an internal organ and yet cannot be seen by a simple X-ray, a CT scan may be recommended for a detailed analysis. There are various situations, where X-rays or ultrasound cannot provide comprehensive visual details which are available through the use of 3D CT scans. CT scans are particularly useful in detecting issues, such as:

  • Head trauma
  • Lung diseases
  • Nasal disease
  • Orthopedic conditions, such as joint degeneration and hip dysplasia
  • Middle and inner ear disorders
  • Tumors
  • Dental disease, such as abscess
  • Brain or spinal conditions

Referral cases:

CT scan referrals are also welcome in our Diagnostic Labs.

At Max Vets labs we have cutting-edge diagnostic technologies and machines with latest software and highly experienced staff. One of these Machines is our new GE multi-slice CT scanner, which is used to diagnose the above listed health conditions. It is especially useful for angiograms, to visualize the blood vessels, arteries, and heart chambers.

Our team works closely with referring veterinarians to provide additional diagnostic insight, as well as throughout treatment to manage the progression of the diseases.

If you need a CT scan for your pet. We are here for you, and welcome referring veterinarians to discuss their concerns. Please do not hesitate to call our team. For contact details visit our website at www.maxvets.com.

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