Blood Tests For Pets

Most pet owners take the annual blood work of their pets as an avoidable task but the truth is that it is of immense importance in terms of tracking potential age, season and environment related diseases. But the question is why do they do that?

Well the answer we get is pretty obvious when we think about it carefully. To them,the blood work is an avoidable cost in their pet’s regular health regimen. And why do they think that?

Simple. They aren’t educated about the value of what they are buying and its importance.

Well, if you are one of such pet owners, think of it like this: spending a thousand bucks yearly is much more comprehensible and financially feasible as compared to the thousands or even lacs of bucks that you might have to spend to cure a disease in the future which went undetected due to your “cost savvy” choice.

Most of the vets fail to explain this to the clients and the problem of avoidance, hence, keeps increasing in scale. On part of the vets, the owner must always be informed of how incredibly useful the information can be from these tests.

At MaxVets, it is possible to bundle it with basic annual visits so that nearly every pet gets their blood tested annually. Even though it may add to the cost, it will definitely add MUCH MORE to the pet’s health care regimen in terms of valuable info.

Now, coming back to the common misperceptions pet owners have about the annual blood work are:

  • Blood work for my pet means the heart worm test only.

It is a common misperception that if the heart worm test has already been done for the pet, then blood work doesn’t need to be done. But as you can find out by simply inquiring your vet about it, blood work really is quite different from heartworm test.

  • Blood work is all the same, everywhere.

According to your pet’s species and breed and the part of the world you are doing the test in, blood work contents change considerably.

  • Blood work is a evaluative procedure which, if done every few years even, is totally acceptable.

See, if you compare your pet’s lifespan with yours, it is much shorter. Pets approaching their geriatric years are best served by semi-annual blood work. Pets undergoing anesthetic procedures should ideally have blood work within the current month. Sick pets may need it monthly, weekly, daily OR HOURLY accordingly to their condition and its severity. Even the pets without major concerns shouldn’t go more than a year without it.

In conclusion, your pets are precious to you and so should be their health. Hence, never miss on any procedure that’s linked to the pet’s health care regimen.

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