Of course, when you have a family member who needs more medical attention than even you do, you should worry about choosing the wrong veterinary care for him. But how do you choose the best suitable vet for your pet? That is the question. Let us help you learn to ask a few basic questions when you begin to do so.

Well, when considering a veterinarian, you should always ask these basic questions:

1. Can you request an appointment with a certain veterinarian?

2. Do they offer a large network of specialists in case of emergencies?

3. What is their on call or telephone policy? Do they have well educated and empathetic staff available to answer any kind of questions you might have over the phone?  Also, you should be able to leave the veterinarian a message if you have a doubt about your sick pet’s condition or if you have a confusion as to what counts as an emergency and when do you need to absolutely bring your pet to the hospital.

4. And the most important of all: What is their response to emergencies? If your pet has a serious emergency like an automobile accident, the hospital should be able to see you immediately or arrange for your pet to go to another hospital that in case the circumstance arise.

5. How long do you need to wait to schedule a routine appointment? The ideal practice should be able to schedule an appointment for you and you pet within a couple days to a week, depending on how busy they are, and how urgent your pet’s needs are.

6. What types of payment methods do they offer? Do they have the set up to accept the types of payments you would prefer?

7. Do they have an email system where you can schedule appointments and inquire any other problems or confusions you might have?

And the final one though very important indeed, number 9, is about laboratory support:

Is their technology and technical staff up-to-date in diagnostics?

Although depending on the area in which you live, a few of these questions might become less important but some of these are inevitable like the ones about the emergency services and you should definitely not compromise on that!

At MaxVets, family is the cornerstone of our practice. We understand that your pet is a beloved member of your family and deserves the best quality services, care and attention. Whether you need general pet health & wellness services or more advanced and precise specialised services, we work to keep your pet happy and healthy. Your pet is cared for as if it were our own and we will help guide your decisions about treatment options through all stages of your pet’s life.

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