6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On The Same Bed With Your Dog?

People frequently decide against sleeping with pets, confident that they will stick to their decision. Sleeping with your pet cuddling them might look like a luxury to you but sleeping with your dog is not always a good idea. You are not aware of several consequences that will be hazardous to your health.

New pet owners are conflicted between allowing their dogs to sleep in their beds or forcing them to sleep on the floor. There are pros and cons to allowing your dog to lie in your bed with you. It depends on the pet owner’s preferences.

Here are some reasons why you should not sleep with your pet dog.

1) Pet can trigger allergies

Dogs fur can accumulate allergens that cause your allergies to flare up. Another medical problem that might result from sleeping with dogs is an allergic reaction.

2) Dogs are known as Bed Hogs.

Dogs are renowned bed hogs, in addition to kicking and emitting gas. Your pillow can be claimed by even the tiniest dog, forcing you to sleep on the wrong side of the bed.

3) Sleeping Patterns Will Be Disturbed

Dogs are noisy odoriferous creatures. Sleeping with your dog will not suffice if you value eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Dog owners admit to waking up at least once throughout the night because of their pet. It can be as simple as a well-placed foot in the face. The dog snores like a buzzsaw at other times.

4) Irritation and Itchy Skin

Dogs have soft hairs that easily tuck away from their skin, causing dehydration and drying of the skin. Although you may not be allergic to your dog, allergens are carried by all dogs. So it can make your skin itchy and irritate your body.

5) Makes Them Sluggish

Housetraining is made more difficult by co-sleeping. When you have a new puppy, it can be difficult to ignore their sad eyes when it’s time to go to bed. However, they may have a potty accident on the bed if you do so. Even house-trained elderly dogs might develop flatulence.

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6) Disease Transmission

 Bacteria, parasites, and fungi can all spread from dogs and cats to humans. Germs can spread through:

  • touching faeces
  • licking the face or an open wound
  • scratches
  • Bites

There’s no proof that allowing your dog to sleep on your bed would make them feel more dominant. When you approach the bed, some dogs growl or bark because they may see it as territory to be guarded. This is a habit that can be broken with consistent training.

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