My dog was saved by the doctors at max vets after they removed a tumor from her spleen. I'm so grateful to them for bringing my best friend back to life! - Siddhanth Vashisht

Preventive Health Care

Regular check ups are designed to diagnose disease and to allow for early treatment and recovery (sometimes before signs are evident to the owner). Vaccination programmes are tailored to individual needs! To ensure the health and welfare of your pets, Max Vet regularly performs:


  • Heartworm prevention
  • Neonatal and geriatric health plan
  • Care and management of pregnant and lactating pets
  • Desexing,
  • Antiparasitics,
  • Deticking and medicated washes

Internal Medicine

Max Vet modern well equipped centres provide facilities to investigate and diagnose all types of problems - enabling us to speed your family member on the road to recovery. Our doctors and staff are well trained in their area of special interest. We use current natural holistic and medical therapies for a complete range of treatments to manage health care needs of your pet. In addition, we also provide facilities for blood collection and transfusion.

Gynaecological Problems

Infertility, douching, hormonal and behaviour related disorders and diseases. We help you help your pet in their time of need.

Behaviour Management

We help you train your pets for a more disciplined domestic life and treat common problems like aggression, nervousness and other phobias. If your pet is tired and disinterested in playing with its toys then that could be a sign that he/she is depressed. At Max Vets we can help you make him/her a happy pet!

Weight Management

Obese pets have high incidence of problems related with the vital organs (liver, kidney, heart etc) and joints (arthritis etc). Hence a balanced approach to maintain optimum body physique is of prime importance in order to have a healthy pet. If your baby girl or boy is pudgy Max Vet can help! Bring her/him in for a check and we’ll put it on a diet plan that will make it a bouncier happier pet

Endocrinal Care

We at Max Vet are eager to reach the root cause of any problem that arises and because of this concern we pay a lot of attention in providing an overall cover to all diseases related with hormones and glands. Thyroid related problems, diabetes and adrenal related problems are a few common ones.

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Losing a pet can be devastating and because we know your pet is as loved as any member of your family Max Vet offers our clients microchipping. Its sole purpose –is to identify your pet - and re-homing lost pets back to its family. Microchipping is also used when transporting pets to foreign land. We want you to have constant peace of mind.

Dermatology- Skin Care

Max Vet offers a full range of dermatology care for your pet such as:

Allergy management & cultures

Allergy management & cultures

microscopic exam of skin scrappings and wood's lamp for fungal infections

Treatment of allergic, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, protozoan and mixed infections

Soft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgeries

Soft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgeries


Trained veterinary dentists and sophisticated equipment are used at Max Vet in order for your pet to have the strongest and whitest teeth with good oral hygiene!

  • Teeth extraction
  • Scaling
  • Brushing
  • Polishing

Are just some of the services we provide for your pets.

Traumatology/ Critical Care

We treat pets with serious diseases and debilitations and help clients who are seeking a second opinion. Our temperature regulated boarding and kennel facilities help in carrying out these tasks well. We are equipped with oxygen chambers, incubators, respiratory support system and patient monitors.

Diagnostic Imaging

Radiography/ ultrasonography : Max Vet has the latest in equipments for the treatment of pets. Precision X-ray equipment with immediate development for faster diagnosis and colour Doppler ultrasound for effective diagnosis and treatment make out veterinary services one of the best in the country.


Max Vet has a fully equipped animal eye clinic. We use pan optic opthalmoscope and have a good range of eye medications and quality professional care. Your pet will always be in good professional care.

Cancer Therapy

Chemotherapy and alternative practices.


Electrocardiography and echocardiography. We want pets in India to get quality life, free from diseases which are usually over looked because of lack of diagnostics. Get your pups/ kittens and adult pets regularly checked for early diagnosis and prevention of major diseases. Look for signs like coughing, syncope, exercise intolerance etc. You can never be too careful. We understand your concerns and upon listening to your observations, our doctors will run tests to make sure your pet is in the best of health and you free of worries.


All forms of veterinary prescription are available at our practice dispensary.

Diagnostic Lab

In-house with same day results. We do diagnostic lab test on Blood biochemistry for blood sugar, liver and kidney profile, complete blood count, ECG, microscopic skin exam & allergy testing, microscopic study of blood smears for protozoa urinalysis and faecal assays. At Max Vet we do everything in house. It’s quick and efficient. We know that the last thing you want to do when you are concerned for your loved ones is to wait for days for your results. We want to make sure you and your loved ones are better as soon as possible. That’s why we believe in same day results for our clients.

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Dietary Management

Skin disease, allergies, food related gastric troubles, obesity management, renal diets, diabetic pets, epileptic pets etc and medical holistic diet.

Grooming Services

We have a well-equipped grooming facility with qualified staff. Regular ear cleaning, nail clipping and hair trimming helps maintain pet's hygiene. Regular baths help prevent deadly external parasites and other skin troubles! We also offer attractive packages to ensure cleanliness and hygiene of your pet and hair styling and colouring to make them more fashionable. You pet will look as if their ready for the red carpet when we’re done pampering them!

Pet Shop

As a part of our ONE-STOP service center, we strive to ensure that you receive the best services and products all under one roof. Our products include nutritionally balanced premium pet foods, a complete range of shampoos, flea/tick sprays, pet hygiene, accessories. collars, toys and fashion wear. After your pet’s regular check-up you can bring him/her along to do a little shopping and buy them a treat!

Emergency Services

We're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We'll have the necessary staff on duty not only to treat your pet but to monitor it throughout the night as well. 24 hour patient monitoring is available if needed or requested.



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